Stock Work

Accuracy Enhancing Stock Work

Epoxy bedding

Accuracy depends on shot-to-shot consistency.  A great deal of a rifle’s ability to achieve this consistency is dictated by the relationship between the barreled action and the stock.  During the firing process, a great deal of recoil or kick is created which tends to shift the barrel and action in the stock.  This change dramatically affects the rifle’s ability to achieve shot-to-shot repeatability.  Nothing short of a good epoxy bedded stock can insure that your rifle is attaining its potential accuracy.

Pillar bedding.

(recommended for every rifle that can be) refers to the process of epoxy bedding an aluminum or stainless steel pillar sleeve in the stock around the guard screw hole.  This allows the guard screws to draw the action and the trigger guard together against a solid pillar sleeve.

Epoxy bed action and float barrel.

(Recommended for rifles that cannot be pillar bedded) This refers to epoxy bedding the rifle’s action, chamber area of the barrel, and trigger guard.  The guard screw holes are bored over size and filled with high compressive strength bedding epoxy.  This creates an epoxy pillar within the stock.  The barrel is free floated.

  • Pillar bed appropriate rifles with Score High adjustable bedding pillars and float the barrel. $325.00
  • Epoxy bed entire rifle (no pillars), action, and trigger guard with free floated barrel $295.00
  • Epoxy bed action & chamber area of barrel, and free float barrel with stocks that incorporates an aluminum bedding block.                                                                                          $265.00

New Stock Installation

Never before has there been such a field of high quality stocks, available in so many custom options as there is now and the are new ones are coming out every day.   Our main focus is on High Quality Synthetic and Chassis style stocks.  We keep some stocks in inventory but it is somewhat limited in scope.  We have lots of experience installing all kinds of stocks.  If you have acquired a custom stock and would like to have it installed send it to us and we can get it done.  If you are shopping and see what you want, buy it and send us your project.  We have no issues at all building rifles from components that you have gathered up yourself.