Action Blueprinting

Blueprinting the Remington 700 Action $295.00


Blueprinting an action is a term I use to mean, “to make exactly like the intentions of the blueprint”.  In a blueprint you have reference points in the drawing that all of the drawing’s components refer to by being either parallel, perpendicular or angular to.  In the case of a Remington 700 Action there is a centerline.  Every component of the rifle will reference to this centerline.   It serves as the centerline of the bolt-way and the centerline of the threads.  It should also be the same centerline of the bolt body and the firing pin hole.  The receiver face and the lugs are to be exactly perpendicular to this centerline as is the bolt face and recoil lugs on the bolt body.  In order to produce an affordable action, tolerances must be compromised and the manufacturing process closely scrutinized to yield marketable product and yet maintain a certain amount of affordability.  I believe Remington does a very good job of this by producing a wonderful out of the box rifle.  Unfortunately these compromises do not produce perfect actions.  In order to achieve extreme accuracy there can be no compromises, it is either perfect or it is wrong.  When I blueprint an action I make it as perfect as I can measure.  All of my barrel work and action work is done in an independent 4 jaw chuck and indicated in until there is “0” run out.