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The proof is in guns that shoot.  Why is it that some people can consistently build rifles that out perform those of the competition?  It's no accident.  It comes from hard work, experience, and a desire to achieve unparalleled perfection.  The goal is simple, build rifles that are capable of extreme accuracy - whether the temperature is a scorching 105 or a cold to the bone -40, dry desert or tropical rain forest.  This can only be achieved with the highest quality materials, the best equipment, and the best people.

Building your Dream Rifle!

We have built a a lot of rifles over the years in all kinds of configurations.  The choices seem almost without limits.  If there is a special project you have in mind give us a call.  If you have been collecting components over time and need someone to convert those components into the rifle of your dreams we can do that.  Not only are we OK with working with customer supplied parts we encourage it.  It saves time and you get exactly what you want.  If you would like for us to supply the components for your new build we can do that too.  Its all about what you want.

Suppressor Grade Muzzle Threading.

We have been manufacturing and installing muzzle devices for over 30 years.  Because we do so much of it we have invested a great deal of resources into perfecting the process.  If you need the muzzle on your rifle to be threaded for a suppressor or you have a muzzle brake and are looking for someone to install it, our turn around time is a bout 1 week.  We can thread for both standard and metric threads left or right hand.

Suppressor Grade Muzzle Threading $125.00
Thread protector/cap, Blued or stainless $25.00 Generic
$65.00 Custom
Fit your brake or devise This includes timing the devise using proper machine work negating the need for crush or peel washers $165.00


Barrel Work

We install barrels from a variety of manufacturers. With close to 300 chamber reamers we have what you need.

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Action Blueprinting

We Blue print Remington 700 and others to achieve a higher degree of accuracy.

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Score High Muzzle Brakes

We fabricate and install our own proprietary muzzle brakes to work with all modern bolt action rifles.

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Customizing & Accuracy Work

Accurizing rifles is what we specialize in offering a wide verity of services.

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Stock Work

We offer a verity of stock work from new installations to accuracy enhancement services.

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We are a Certified Cerakote Applicator and we offer custom Cerakote finishing on most all types of firearms

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