Accuracy Packages

Accurizing the Remington 700

The Remington 700 is the work horse of today’s rifleman.  It was the action of choice for the Marine M40 Sniper Rifle for good reason.  It is strong, rugged, reliable and most of all, naturally accurate.  It is still the action of choice as a foundation for today’s most accurate rifles.  Remington Arms does a fine job producing these rifles but they can only do so much and still produce an affordable rifle.  Just like everything else, the devil is in the details and this is where we shine.  As a professional gunsmith since 1979, I have seen fads come and go.  I have seen what works and what does not.  I have looked at countless rifles from the stand point of “What should be done to this rifle to make it more accurate, more reliable and more in tune for the specific task at hand”

Depending on your needs we offer 2 levels of accurizing services to Remington 700 rifles.  All Remington 700s fall into one of two categories light/sporter or heavy/target.  The light/sporter models are confined to only level 1 (unless the barrel is replaced).  Because the taper of the  light/sporter barrel starts immediately at the recoil lug and tapers quickly to a sporter weight there is not enough barrel material to remove all of the original threads and cut new ones.  The heavy/target models such as, but not limited to, the Sendero, VLS, VSF, or BDL Varmint are suited to both levels of our accurizing services.

Level 1 Accuracy Package

Accurize Your Sporter Weight Remington 700

Level 1a Stocks with an aluminum bedding block - $512.00
Level 1b Stocks Wooden stocks for aluminum pillar bedding, -  $560.00

1. Barrel diagnostic
2. Epoxy / Pillar bed stock and float barrel
3. Crown barrel
4. Trigger tune.
5. Line bore Rings and bases and mount scope.
6. Lap bolt Lugs

Level 2 Accuracy Package

Accurize Your Heavy Barrel Remington 700

Level 2a Stocks with an aluminum bedding block, - $924.00
Level 2b Stocks Wooden stocks for aluminum pillar bedding, - $977.00

The Level 2 Can raise your rifle’s accuracy to that of a full blown custom rifle depending on barrel quality.

1. Everything in Level 1 Plus
2. Blue print receiver
3. Remove original barrel thread extension.  Re-thread barrel to precisely fit receiver.
4. Re-cut chamber to match quality and polish.

Options, (small sampling)

1. Drill and re-tap to 8x40 for better alignment and more strength.
2. Tactical Bolt handle such as  a Badger knob or similar.
4. Leupold Dual Dove tail Rings and bases
5. Talley Lightweight rings.
6. 20 MOA tapered Picatinny base with rings.
7. Clip slot M40 30 MOA Steel rail

6. A variety of stocks such as MDT, Bell and Carlson, H-S Precision and Boyds stocks are readily available upgrades.