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Customizing and Accuracy Work

You want YOUR rifle YOUR way for YOUR reasons and that’s what were all about.  Whatever that might be, we will work with you to get it.  If you need some guidance because you just don’t know what your options are, then give us a call, chances are we have researched this in the past.  We have probably talked to someone that has tried it before and succeeded or failed and shared that with us.  Having created rifles as a profession since 1979 we have had tens of thousands of conversations about what worked and more importantly what did not.  With a little one on one over the phone we can help you meet or even exceed your goals.

Custom Work and Options

We have the ability to do almost anything you would want to do to your rifle.  There are some procedures that we have tooled up to do that we do very well.  There are far too many special modifications to list on these pages so if there is something that you would like but do not see it here give us a call, chances are we have done it before.

Mill stock for detachable magazine style bottom metal

We have the ability to CNC mill most stocks to accept most of the popular trigger guards.  We have written mill routines for Badger, Surgeon, V-Bull and Seekins to name a few.