Questions and Answers

Q. How long does it take to get a muzzle installed?

A. Usually less than 2 weeks.


Q. Can I ship my firearm directly to you or do I need to go through a dealer?

A. The shipping regulations are much easier than one might think. It is perfectly legal for an individual to ship a firearm directly to me and I am able to ship it directly back to that individual without going through a dealer. I am required to return the firearm only to the name and address from which it came.  To return it to any other person or address would be recognized as a transfer and would require that a dealer receive the gun at the other end.  You can use any carrier that you like the U.S. Postal Service is probably the most convenient followed by UPS or Fed-Ex.  What ever works best for you will work fine for me.  Be sure to insure the package for full replacement value, this will insure that a signature is required

Our shipping and mailing address is;

Score High Gunsmithing 
9812-A Cochiti Rd. SE 
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Ph# 505-292-5532 or 800-326-5632


Q. Can you ship your products out of the United states?

A. Yes but we only ship our product out of the country when purchased through our online store.  Visit our store


Q. How do I go about getting work done by Score High Gunsmithing?

A. Before shipping any firearm, it is best to contact me first so that we can discuss the desired work.    Upon completion of all the work I will contact you before the firearm is shipped so that you will know it is on the way and also make any final payment arrangements that might be necessary.

Q. How accurate are the rifles that you build?  Do you guarantee accuracy?

A.  The rifles built at Score High Gunsmithing are as accurate as their components will allow them to be.  Each rifle is capable of world class accuracy.  A sporter weight rifle with a standard chamber will typically shoot about a 3/8" five shot group at a hundred yards.  Tight neck chambered sporters shoot even better.  The Heavy Varmint modals and the bench rest guns are capable of shooting in the .100's or sub .100's.  To achieve accuracy of this degree everything has to be perfect. Not only do you have to have a perfect rifle but you have to have perfect ammunition, a ridged shooting bench and a  high quality rest.  By far the most important and the hardest to attain is perfect technique and discipline  but with out it you just can't consistently shoot 3/8"or less.  There is one more very important factor, weather conditions.  There have been a lot of very prestigious matches won with aggregates of greater than 3/4" because of tricky unpredictable weather.
       We guarantee you an accurate rifle.  If you feel your Score High rifle doesn't shoot as well as it should we will go over it again and again until it does.  Return it to us along with 50 or so rounds of ammo and we will take it to the range and find out why.  We have had in the past a couple of barrels that for whatever reason, where not capable of extreme accuracy, those barrels where replaced. and the rifles taken out to the range and tested.

Q. Will fluting My barrel make it more accurate.

A.  No fluting your barrel will not make it more accurate, it will however make it lighter.  Fluting can be a very involved topic.  Follow this link if you are interested in more of my views about barrel fluting .

Q. How many rifles can I bed with a Pro-Bed 2000 4oz kit?

A.  That really depends on the bedding job.  Usually you can bed about 3 actions with a 4oz Kit.  Some stocks with large barrel channels to be filled can require as much as 6 or 7 ounces of epoxy.

Q. Do you make Benchrest followers for the Browning A-Bolt?

A.  On most all bolt action rifles the magazine box is held in position by a cut out in the receiver.  The Browning A-bolt uses the floor plate to attach their magazine box. Browning's box system is simply not conducive to use with a Benchrest follower.

Q. Do you sell parts?

A.  Although we do gunsmithing we do not carry a supply of parts.