• Sage Progressive Non-Stenciled PatternCatagory 2 ($275.00), plus 3 colorlayering without stenciles ($125.00), Plus scope from table 3 ($80.00) Total package ($480.00) Forest Green and Patriot Brown over Flat Dark Earth All Hardware Patriot Brown.



Factory Certified Cerakote Applicator

H-Series Cerakote in our opinion is the toughest applied coating available and comes in a wide variety of colors.  It can be applied to all metals, polymers, fiberglass and even optics.  For the utmost in strength and toughness, H-Series Cerakote is cured at high temperatures, however for items such as fiberglass and optics it can be cured at a lower temperature for a longer period of time and still retain much of its high temperature cured properties.  Also available is C-Series Cerakote. Obtainable in many colors it is a room temperature cure (RTC) coating and once cured has the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 1700 Deg. F without discoloring.


You can follow one of two paths to procure a Cerakote finish on your firearm.  The least expensive is to do all of your own disassembly and reassembly and deliver to us only the parts that you would like to have coated.  This method incurs all the pricing in Table 1 minus $25.00.  The second method is to send us your complete firearm and we will disassemble and reassemble it.  The charges in Table 2, break down firearms into three categories and includes disassembly and reassembly.  Scope mounting may incur additional charges.  Our staff is composed of professional gunsmiths, if we find any anomalies or repairs necessary, we will contact you and go over the needed repairs and their cost before any work is done.  You will be able to calculate the price of your desired Cerakote finish by adding the Cerakote charges in Table 1 to the appropriate charges in Table 2.


Table 3 is for special situations and/or additional charges and assumes that all disassembly has been done prior to the firearm arriving at the shop. 

Table 1 All prices include one color with assembly and disassembly.

Category 1

1911 or Glock type pistol w/1 mag,  Rem 700, Win 70 and similar bolt action rifles, Rem 870, 1100, 11-87 or similar shotguns, does not include stock or scope/optics.,


Category 2

AR-15 style rifles.  Rifles & shotguns form Category 1 to include chassis style or conventional stock, does not include scope/optics.


Category 3

Complex Over Under or Double shotguns.  Rifles & shotguns form Category 1 to include chassis style or conventional stock and their scope/optics..



Table 2 Add to able 1 prices

Each additional color applied to certain parts  (no layering)

$40.00 add

Two color pattern, layering without stencils.


Three color pattern, layering without stencils.


Two color stenciled pattern using layering


Three color stenciled pattern using layering


Table 3

Scopes, includes masking




Small single items min charge


Large single items min charge


AR style upper or Pistol slide only, one color.


AR style lower or Pistol frame only, one color.


AR style upper & lower or Pistol frame & slide only, one color


AR style upper & lower or Pistol frame & slide only, two colors



 Glossary of Terms

Applying a layered pattern is achieved by coating an entire part with one base color then partially oven curing that part for a set time allowing the part to be handled without damaging the finish.  This step of applying color on top of color is repeated for each additional color to achieve a desired multicolor pattern.

Stenciled pattern using layering.

This is a layering pattern that uses high temperature adhesive stencils to achieve a desired pattern.  This pattern will have very sharp and defined edges for each of the colors of the various layers.

Layering without stencils.

This pattern is done free hand and has softer, less defined, color transitions that will often fade away transitioning to the underlying color layer.

Additional color applied to certain parts  (no layering)

An example of this would be a pistol frame of one color and all of the attached parts being a different color.